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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Posting a spring landscape to try to forget that it is freezing outside!

This may be the ultimate act of denial, but I just had to post a spring landscape today, still trying to catch up on blogging about paintings from previous months.  It is freezing here, 4 degrees Farenheit, (-16 C) but hopefully this picture will remind us that spring will eventually come again.  This is the view out my living room window, minus one neighbor house!  Right now I really miss my beautiful daffodils, and the service berry tree is bare, but soon they will bloom again, and the service berry will be full of beautiful birds eating the ripe red fruit.  This painting is acrylic on stretched 18x20 inch canvas (the painting wraps around the sides).  Do you think I should just hang this in the window and pretend not to see the snow?

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