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Monday, December 20, 2010

A fun Christmas bird ornament

While we are waiting for the natural light to improve so that I can get satisfactory photos of my paintings, I'll share another craft.  I found this one at a bit of this & a bit of that but she didn't give any instructions.   The author of that blog is from Finland, living in Canada now.  The bird shape is very popular in Finnish crafts and glasswork.  

My six-year old helper and I first cut bird shapes out of last year's Christmas cards.  Then we made pompoms, wrapping the yarn carefully around four of his fingers.

 We tied the pompom between his fingers (he said this was the painful time we will wrap a little more loosely!).  After it was slipped off his hand and tied securely around the middle, we cut all the loops and trimmed up the pompom.

Next we cut a small hole in the bird's side and slipped the pompom through.  A paper punch hole for an eye, and a loop of string to hang it, and the bird is complete.  My helper was thrilled, I think we have found a great way to recycle and create unique ornaments!

Happy crafting

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