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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafting for Christmas

This blog will be about my paintings, but other crafts will have to sneak in now and then, and today the room where I usually paint is too cold to stay in I'll start out with a quick but impressive holiday craft.  Then I'll go and finish weatherproofing the painting studio...

My husband is from Finland, and the kids and I have been making these gorgeous paper snowflakes (or stars) for holiday decorations.  They are very sculptural, and actually quite easy to make.  This video that I found explains the process quite well.  I used a low temp hot glue gun instead of the tape, and stacked up the six sheets of paper to cut them.  

Wish I had some thick, double-sided gold paper, wouldn't that be gorgeous?!

In case you are interested, I found this project on another beautiful blog which is in Finnish, but Piia does a wonderful job of translating most of the text if you look closely.  

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