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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Cookie exchange -- Finnish Pulla

Busy weekend, I haven't had time to post any new artwork.  Getting good photos of canvas is harder than it looks!  We went to an awesome cookie exchange today, and a lot of people were asking for the recipe for some Finnish pastries that we brought.  I'll post it here, happy baking!

Cardamon Buns (Pulla)

50g cake yeast = 1 packet dry yeast
150 g butter =1 and a half sticks
5 dl milk =2 cups
half tsp salt
1 dl sugar = quarter cup
2 tsp fresh ground cardamom
about 1 and a half liters flour = 6 cups

Melt butter and warm milk (98 F).  Add yeast and stir.  Add salt, sugar and cardamom.  Stir in flour until dough pulls away from bowl.  Let rise covered in a warm place until about double (30-40 minutes).  Knead in rest of flour.  Divide dough (64 small pieces, divide in half, in half again, in half again …) Shape each piece into a rope and tie in a knot.  Let rise again, covered (about 20 minutes).  Brush with egg and sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 450F for 5-10 minutes (Do not overbake).

The sugar I use to sprinkle on top is pearl sugar, looks a lot like pretzel salt, and is available in the food section at Ikea.

This recipe is adapted from the book Parhaat Leivonnaiset, OTAVA 1993 ISBN 951-1-1804-8, my absolute favorite baking book!

After posting this, I realized that I have many more cooking posts like this one.  I'm starting another blog for all of them,  It will be interesting for people interested in the cuisine of Finland, or just cooking and baking in general.

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